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Kayak Cove Game

Kayak Cove Game

Kayak Cove Game
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Kayak Cove is the best put-in on this Class 5 river run & it’s always crowded with kayakers eager to get started. There’s just one problem. There’s only room for 10 kayaks at a time. Your job as the river guide is to get all 10 kayaks safely in the water without having any kayaker push another out of position or crash into the surrounding rocks. Sound easy? These currents are tricky. Powerful magnets in each kayak & the surrounding rock walls will test even the best guide’s abilities! So grab your helmet, cinch up your life vest & get ready to paddle! Suitable for kids age 7 or in Pri 1 & above!
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Kayak Cove GameKayak Cove Game
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