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My Reader Chinese Character Classroom Set - Clearance Sale!

My Reader Chinese Character Classroom Set - Clearance Sale!

My Reader Chinese Character Classroom Set - Clearance Sale!
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This serles is a unique step-learning curriculum, specially designed to help children learn Chinese characters gradually & easily. It consists of My Reader pen, 30 books, 1 animation CD & 24 bilingual posters, targeting children age 3 - 9 or in Pre-Nursery to Pri 3.
My Reader pen is the premier next generation state-of-the-art language learning tool, using advanced Touch & Talk technology. By pointing the pen to text & objects on specially printed material, users can listen to an endless variety of pre-recorded sounds—from word pronunciations to dialogues, or song clips to sound effects. My Reader pen can be attached to head/ear phones or speakers & can be used for at least 3 hours when fully charged. It offers a fully interactive learning experience, enabling learners to study anytime & anywhere, making language learning fun & easy!
The 30 books in the series progressively build on structures learned in previous lessons, with exercises & sentence patterns to reinforce fundamental principals, step-by-step. Designed by sinology & child education experts, through 30 classical stories, children will master at least 830 characters. For each character, this picture book includes not only Pinyin but also writing order, English meaning, phonetics, words & sentences. Fully audio-enabled with My Reader pen, chlldren can learn independently & at their own pace. Stories include Dinosaur Family, The Three Butterflies, Teddy's Umbrella, Teddy the Magician, Two Good Friends, Teddy's Dream, The Three Litlle Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, The Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & the Beast, Snow White & more. 1 animation software CD is also included.
The 24 beautifully illustrated posters & more than 600 vocabulary words, are specifically designed for children from 2 to 7 years of age. My Reader pen helps kids learn in a fun & interactive way, thoughtfully integrating visual stimulation with words & sounds. Kids can touch the pen to any of the pictures to hear both sounds & words, helping them to associate sounds to images. Kids are always excited when they touch the picture of the tiger & hear not only the pronunciation of the name of the animal in English & in Chinese, but also the loud, realistic roar of the wild animal itself!
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