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Magic Nuudles Activity Set - New!

Magic Nuudles Activity Set - New!

Magic Nuudles Activity Set - New!
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Magic Nuudles, made from natural finest cornstarch & food grade dyes, is completely safe, 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly. Used in thousands of kindergartens & schools around the world, many children & even adults enjoy creating animals, houses, jewellery, pop-up cards, photo frames & more! To use, dab a nuudle on a damp sponge or wet paper towel to make it sticky. Join it to another nuudle, or to paper, glass, mirror, cloth, wood etc. Build, cut, decorate & create any object you can imagine. You can reuse them by simply pulling them apart & repeating the steps. After a few uses, discard them when they become inflexible. To discard, just throw them in the sink or outside on a rainy day - As they are completely biodegradable, they disintegrate in water, leaving no harmful residue! Set includes about 100 pcs of colourful Magic Nuudles, sponge & instruction guide. Free online activity worksheets available. Suitable for kids age 4 or in Nursery & above.
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