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Quip Fast Action Math Game - New!

Quip Fast Action Math Game - New!

Quip Fast Action Math Game - New!
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This game is truly a brain teasing problem-solving extravaganza! Deal out three cards & place them face up. Using the numbers displayed on the cards, complete eleven equations on your scorecard. The first answer is 0, then 1 & so on ending with ten. You must use all three cards in each equation & may use them more than once, any operation goes! Helpful hint cards display addition, subtraction & multiplication tables for quick reference. Adaptable for young players using only addition & subtraction. Advanced players may use square roots & exponents. A time limit may be agreed upon by all players or for an extra challenge try to beat the sand-timer. Includes Quip Cards, Scorecards, 4 Pencils & Sand-timer. Suitable for kids age 7 or in Pri 1 & above.
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