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Folding 3D GeoFigures

Folding 3D GeoFigures

Folding 3D GeoFigures
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This innovative folding geometric solids set is perfect for hands-on lessons in symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area & volume. Each solid has an inner layer that folds flat, allowing for illustration of a three-dimensional shape's two-dimensional properties. Set of 22 pieces in 11 shapes includes cylinder, cone, square pyramid, cube, pentagon pyramid & prism, hexagonal pyramid & prism, triangular pyramid & prism & rectangular prism. Comes in clear plastic casings with cover & knobs. Suitable for kids age 7 - 13 or in Pri 1 - Sec 1.
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Folding 3D GeoFiguresFolding 3D GeoFigures
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